26 Rows Vineyard


Digital Marketing


26 Rows was looking to invest in their digital presence to have a clean and aesthetic appearance for people to discover them, their wines, and their Airbnb.  

They were looking for a simple and effective option that would tie them over with minimal maintenance, to improve their searchability and have a presence that reflected their brand online. 

While they wanted the brand to be able to be found online, they were not looking to post regularly or grow their channels. The channels were largely for ‘digital ninjas,’ also commonly known as ‘stalkers’ who were interested in their wine or accommodation.  


  • Google My Business | We optimised 26 Rows Google My Business to improve their organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which helped 26 Rows to show up higher on Google Searches. This also ensured the aesthetic of the account reflected the brand, and there were posts and reviews for users to discover 
  • Facebook | We created and scheduled 12x posts that highlighted 26 Rows’ wines and the Airbnb  
  • Instagram | We updated 26 Rows bio, and created a custom grid (3x images split into 9 to take up the full area of the Instagram grid) showcasing their product and the vineyard itself. This was to ensure a low maintenance option and an aesthetic reflection of the brand. 


Through the use of Instagram, Facebook and Google My Business, 26 Rows is set up for ‘digital stalkers’ and have provided a great foundation for when people search for them.  

Facebook statistics across three months:  

  • Engagement grew by 900% 
  • Followers increased by 61%  
  • Reach increased by 347%  

Google my Business statistics  

  • Images received over 20,000 views in under 12 months on one image alone  
  • 50% increase of visits to website over a quarter 
  • Each quarter 70% of website visits from Google 

We also used the channels to recruit pickers for harvesting season to great success.