Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads


Execute Catalyst’s Digital Marketing Strategy to grow Catalyst’s audience and grow brand awareness New Zealand-wide.


We manage social media activity, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads for Catalyst. Each month we;

    • Meet to discuss the month ahead, discuss how business is tracking, opportunities in the marketplace, and review the monthly digital report
    • Develop social media posts including graphics, based on the above and schedule for Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business
    • Provide weekly community management to organically grow their Instagram page
    • Manage LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads
    • Create custom graphics for social media
    • Share a report on the activity for the month to find insights and develop the next month’s plan with data-based decisions.


  • 30% increase month on month for LinkedIn visitors to the page
  • 50% increase in LinkedIn visitors in the first month
    • Increase of 20%+ thereafter
  • 20% increase in overall LinkedIn followers
  • Social acquisition to the site is up 441.22% compared to the last 6 months
  • Website Users are up 37.83% compared to the last 6 months
  • Website New Users are up 37.03% compared to the last 6 months
  • Website Sessions are up 35.76% compared to the last 6 months


Catlayst Group NZ

Kayla Allan | Catalyst

Regional Manager
We engaged RMH Consulting to bring our marketing to life. We were finding it challenging to prioritise marketing internally and have the impact we wanted. RMH Consulting manages our social media, LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads. Our engagement has picked right up, we are seeing more hits to the website, and having more leads come through! We love working with the team.