Golden Pig & Co


PR Strategy and distribution


Golden Pig & Co creates allergy-friendly and wholesome Asian foods that are nutrient-dense and of course tasty. Co-founder Erika Chan came to RMH Consulting looking to actively grow Golden Pig & Co, particularly the dumpling potsticker product range.


  • PR Strategy
  • Key messaging
  • Media food writing and liaison
  • Media distribution and pitching


As a relatively new player in the allergy friendly food market, Golden Pig & Co needed to establish their credibility as a market-leading brand that offers tasty, gluten free and allergen friendly alternatives to Asian food. RMH Consulting’s approach was to build credibility through earned media and industry contacts, gaining further brand awareness through PR and media coverage, and showcasing their new product lines to extend their distributor network.


With a targeted PR strategy, RMH consulting were able to share Golden Pig & Co’s unique story with new audiences and distributors, with their products featured across a number of trade and foodie publications like FoodMag, Inside FMCG and Fine Food Wholesalers.


Erika Chan

Rachael is a joy to work with, experienced, passionate and a great listener. She understands the challenges of growing a small business, with her knowledge and strong relationship in industry media outlets, she helps to cut through the noise and delivers fast results. Thank you for your continuous support and guidance Rachael!