Luke Hedges, Property Brokers


Quarterly Marketing strategy


Luke, a real estate agent from Property Brokers in Feilding, faced the challenge of developing an effective marketing strategy to enhance his visibility, attract potential clients, and generate leads. He recognised the need for professional guidance and support in implementing a successful marketing approach.


To address this challenge, Luke invested in a quarterly marketing package. The package included the following activities:

  • Quarterly Marketing Strategy Consult: Luke engaged with an RMH Consulting strategist for four 90-minute marketing strategy consultations. During these sessions, they discussed his business goals, target audience, market trends, and identified effective marketing strategies to achieve his objectives.
  • Annual Pack: The quarterly marketing package also provided Luke with a comprehensive annual pack, which included valuable resources, templates, and guides to support his marketing efforts throughout the year.
  • Quarterly Marketing Plans: As part of the package, Luke received four light quarterly marketing plans tailored to his specific business needs. These plans outlined recommended marketing activities, such as social media campaigns, email marketing, content creation, and local advertising so he would stand out from competition.
  • On-Demand Phone Consults: Luke had access to four 15-minute phone consultations with the RMH Consulting strategist on-demand. These consultations allowed him to seek advice, clarify any marketing-related questions, and adjust to his marketing strategies as needed.
  • Bi-Monthly Accountability Email Reminder: Luke received bi-monthly accountability email reminders from RMH Consulting. These reminders served as prompts to stay on track with his marketing activities and provided additional guidance and suggestions when needed.


Luke approached the quarterly marketing package with a strategic mindset:

  1. Clear Goal Setting: He collaborated with the RMH consultant to define specific marketing goals and objectives that aligned with his business vision and target market.
  2. Customised Marketing Plans: Luke worked closely with the consultant to develop tailored marketing plans for each quarter. These plans took into account his budget, local market conditions, and available resources to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  3. Consistent Implementation: Luke committed to implementing the recommended marketing activities consistently and diligently. He followed the quarterly plans, utilised the provided resources, and sought guidance whenever needed during the on-demand phone consultations.


The investment in the quarterly marketing package yielded the following results for Luke:

  • Enhanced Marketing Strategy: Luke now has a well-defined and effective marketing strategy in place. The guidance received from the RMH consultant helped him to refine his approach, target the right audience, and optimise his marketing efforts.
  • Increased Visibility and Lead Generation: Luke witnessed an increase in his visibility within his local market. The implemented marketing activities, including social media campaigns, email marketing, and local advertising, helped to attract potential clients and generate valuable leads for his business.
  • Improved Accountability and Consistency: The bi-monthly accountability email reminders served as valuable prompts for Luke to stay focused on his marketing activities. This improved his consistency in implementing the recommended strategies and ensured a continuous marketing presence throughout the year.
  • Professional Guidance and Support: Luke benefited from the expertise and support of the RMH Consulting Strategist. The quarterly marketing strategy consultations and on-demand phone consultations allowed him to address marketing challenges, gain insights, and make informed decisions.

Overall, Luke’s investment in our Quarterly Marketing Package proved to be a successful strategy. It provided him with a structured approach, valuable resources, and expert guidance to enhance his marketing efforts, increase visibility, and generate leads for his real estate business.