Makoura Lodge


Marketing Strategy Workshop


Makoura Lodge function and events venue in Apiti, New Zealand, shut over lockdown for COVID-19. When they re-opened, much of their business was restricted due to additional lockdown measures (such a no gatherings over 100 people and social distancing) which meant weddings and corporate functions couldn’t go-ahead for some time. In addition to this, no international visitors would be able to stay for an indefinite period. Our challenge was to work on the marketing strategy and approach. We were tasked to find a new market and offerings to match to suit the domestic and leisure market.


  • Identify business and marketing goals
  • Discussion on the direction of the business
  • Develop a marketing strategy to align with business goals
  • Social media, PR, web/content strategy discussion
  • Building the audience – who/ how / when
  • Identify target demographic & where they hang out
  • Understand where revenue can be dispersed marketing-wise to generate more income (ie. Social media, advertising, etc)
  • Social media training to cover Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Canva + tools of the trade
  • Tips and tricks to be more efficient at social media planning and execution + professionalism
  • Base strategy document pulled together from workshop to guide full strategy doc creation



Over a full day workshop (the first held at the venue post lockdown!) with the executive team, RMH Consulting reviewed key areas of the business and identified opportunities to pivot to capture the domestic market.


  • Clear and defined high-level marketing strategy for the next 6-months
  • Plan around COVID-19, what offerings could go to market for different levels
  • Post COVID-19 communication messaging developed
  • Opportunities identified to engage local market (service offering and marketing solutions)
  • Opportunity identified to create a vouchers site for e-commerce to capture gift market and showcase lesser-known activities and offers