Digital Marketing


Motii approached RMH Consulting as they were looking to gain more leads to their website through digital marketing. Having acquired partner marketing funding, Motii required help on the best way to move forward to optimise ROI on their, and their partner’s investment into marketing their business.  

The team were looking for social media content for their Facebook and LinkedIn pages that matched their brand and would lead potential clients to their website. 


We developed a digital marketing package including LinkedIn and Facebook posting, LinkedIn Advertising, Google Advertising. This has also now grown to include SEO optimisation, and website assistance and auditing.  

We manage social media marketing for Motii. 

Monthly we: 

  • Meet to discuss the month ahead with the Motii Team. We discuss how business is tracking, what leads are coming in, and review the monthly digital reports. 
  • Develop social media posts based on insights of the above and schedule for Facebook and LinkedIn with custom graphics for social media   
  • Update LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads as required to reflect campaigns 
  • Share reporting on our activities to find insights and develop the next month’s plan with data-based decisions. 

 These activities are a smaller part of a larger digital marketing strategy that we work on for Motii, which includes SEO, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. 


  • Drove 60% more traffic than the year before from social media to the Motii website, with great lead conversion, resulting in Motii requiring more staff 
  • Gained 255% increase in LinkedIn followers in the first 3 months  
  • LinkedIn engagement increased by 319% in the first 3 months 
  • Facebook engagement increased by 75% and impressions increased 18% in the first 2 months 


Ben Fuller

“The biggest success that we’ve had is with our LinkedIn profile and the leads that have come through LinkedIn and the quality of those leads are a lot higher. Working with Holly and Rachael is absolutely fantastic, it’s a lot of fun, they make the meetings very enjoyable, and I can’t recommend them enough.”