OWL I O’Callaghan Workplace Law


Website Overhaul, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads


O’Callaghan Workplace Law (OWL), sought the expertise of RMH Consulting to strengthen their digital presence, to help drive visibility and leads. OWL recognised the importance of having a strong online presence and desired a website that accurately showcased the business’s capabilities and offerings.

In addition, they wanted to utilise social media platforms such as Google and LinkedIn to expand reach and engage with potential customers. By partnering with RMH Consulting, OWL could implement their new comprehensive digital marketing strategy that aligned with their goals and effectively promoted the business online.


We created a comprehensive digital marketing package tailored to OWL’s specific business needs.

This package included:

    • Creation of a Google My Business profile
    • Creation of a LinkedIn business page
    • Performed a complete overhaul of website content, to accurately reflect his business’s offerings and values
    • Developed content for the website
    • Management of digital marketing for OWL

Monthly we:

    • Develop social media posts based on OWL’s insights and schedule for LinkedIn and Google Ads with custom graphics
    • Update LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads as required to reflect campaigns
    • Share reporting on our activities to find insights and develop the next month’s plan with data-based decisions



Since implementing the above marketing activities for OWL we have seen the following results in the last two months:

  • Google Ads results
    • 53.77% increase in Google Ads results
    • 63.7K Impressions
    • 475 clicks
  • LinkedIn engagement
    • 122.2 % increase search appearances
    • The LinkedIn business page has helped improve online visibility and attract potential clients
    • LinkedIn posting has allowed OWL to stay engaged with their audience and establish Chris, the owner, as an authority in industry
  • Website content results
    • OWL website site traffic is up by 742% since developing the additional website content
    • With a score of 96 – the site has been rated as one of the top performing sites
  • By implementing these digital marketing strategies, Chris was able to increase his online presence, attract more leads, and ultimately grow his business.