Riversands Wines


Social Media Marketing


We have been working with Riversands Wines since 2019 on their holistic marketing strategy and activities, including social media management, social media advertising, PR, styled photoshoots, event campaigns, and website updates. 

Riversands Wines sought a variety of social media posts to consistently showcase their products, to reach their target audience, to bring more clients to their winery and to direct them to the website for online purchases. 

They needed to share their story and bring personality to the page, especially as the owners have personal relationships with many of their customers, being well known from the small community of St George in southwest Queensland.  


Monthly for Riversands Wines Social Media marketing management we;  

  • Meet to discuss the month ahead with the Riversands Team. We discuss how business is tracking, opportunities in the marketplace, and review the monthly digital reports 
  • Advise on opportunities outside of social media to boost marketing opportunities and leverage efforts 
  • Develop social media posts based on insights of the above and schedule for Facebook and Instagram 
  • Provide weekly community management to organically grow Instagram 
  • Create blog posts for the website, to then share on Facebook & Instagram  
  • Create and share regular Instagram/Facebook stories relevant to upcoming events and new wine releases  
  • Create event marketing as required for regular events held at the cellar door 
  • Share a report on the activity for the month to find insights and develop the next month’s plan with data-based decisions.  


  • 30% year on year increase of visits to the website from Social Media 
  • Riversands’ Instagram reached 209% more people  
  • Riversands’ Facebook page visited increased by 65% 
  • Facebook followers increased by 60%, while Instagram followers increased by 185% 

For the past three years, we have managed Riversands Wines social media marketing efforts, as part of a larger solution for their marketing strategy.  

We developed a solution that enabled RMH Consulting to provide the ‘sales’ and ‘foundational’ oriented posts, while the owner, David, can post regularly in his own language too so the audience gets the fun from him, and the marketing from our team.  

The social media is fun and varied, with lots of content to inspire the taste buds of the audience to lead to conversion.