Tassie Tiger Knives


Pre-Launch Campaign | Marketing Strategy & Social Media


Craig from Tassie Tiger Knives had an idea for a new product. A beautiful, high-quality, Australian-made hunting knife. He needed help raising awareness of the new knife in the lead up to the product launch.

The biggest challenge? As a knife is considered a weapon by social media platforms, no paid promotion was possible.

Due to the knife bein a high value item we were restricted from other usual launch activities such as influencers and competitions as well, so we had to be really innovative to drive that buzz!


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Google My Business Page update
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content creation and distribution
  • Updated webpage content copy


Due to the inability to implement any paid-promotion, it was important to create great organic momentum on social media channels.

We did this by;

  • Regular social posting on Instagram, Facebook and Google My Business
  • Content that created intrigue, insight and ‘behind the scenes.’ This content was designed to create feelings of excitement, intrigue, exclusivity and to bring the consumer along on the journey, so they felt a part of the development
  • Targeted community engagement on Instgram
  • Updated Google My Business platform with SEO keywords
  • Updated keywords and SEO content on the website


Note, this campaign was to create engagement pre-launch, not to drive traffic to site as the product does not yet exist there.

  • 75 inbox messages in a week to request price and more details on Facebook alone. Similar numbers on Instagram
  • 59 new followers on Facebook in a week
  • 600% increase in Facebook post engagements in a week
  • 700% increase in Facebook reach in a week
  • 58 website visits from Google My Business in 28 days (up 287%)
  • 1.15k search views on Google My Business in 28 days (up 101%)
  • 3.75k Google My Business photo views in 28 days (up 301%)
  • 28 website clicks from Instagram in a week
  • 30% of product sold by midday on the day of launch!


Craig Dillon

Owner at Tassie Tiger Knives
We were at a loss on how to promote and advertise our new knife as social media and digital advertising would not allow us to do any paid advertising due to our product being deemed a weapon. After talking through our issues with Rachael she developed a pre-launch strategy that created a huge buzz around our product. Rachael took the time to understand not only our needs but also how to connect with our new and existing customers. We would not hesitate to call on Rachael again for any of our advertising or promotional needs and would highly recommend RMH Consulting to anyone looking to grow their business.