Wiley The Project Delivery Company


Client Feedback Programme


Wiley required insights from their clients on how they were perceived during and after projects. The best way to do this was to develop and engage in a client feedback programme.  
Wiley needed to capture this feedback unbiased, and have it fed back through the executive team, through to the rest of the business, where appropriate. This would allow Wiley to improve its client and supplier relationships and find insights on project delivery. 


  • Develop feedback programme framework 
  • Client feedback management and execution  
    • Coordinate with Project Managers to highlight eligible projects for feedback and gain client contact details 
    • Coordinate in person or online feedback sessions with clients, with no project personnel in room to gain unbiased feedback 
    • Deter from proposed feedback questions to gain further insight from clients  
    • Transcript feedback from clients 
  • Collate most important insights to share with Wiley executive team, and project team where necessary 
  • Meet with executive team and project team as required for in-depth discussions on feedback 
  • Share high-level insights with wider business for team-wide project-transferable learnings 


Wiley received an unbiased insight on how they were perceived in the marketplace through client feedback. This resulted in Wiley continuously improving as a business, and the ability to gain insight on tangible actions that could improve current individual projects. 

Not only was this information required from an auditing perspective, but Wiley quickly identified that the feedback was a powerful way to share with their teams, real-world insights and learnings from project level.