Market Expansion and Growth Strategist

Are you considering ways to enhance your business and tap into its growth potential?

Perhaps you’re contemplating venturing into different verticals or expansion areas but are concerned about diverting your sales and marketing teams’ focus and resources?

That’s where my expertise can be valuable.

I deliver tailored solutions with the goal of boosting revenue, broadening market presence, and enhancing the customer experience. With a proven track record of success and insights supported by data, I offer customised strategies designed to address your specific challenges and objectives.

Let’s collaborate to achieve concrete outcomes and position your business for sustainable success in the dynamic market landscape of today.


With experience collaborating directly with CEOs, executives, and boards, Rachael’s broad business expertise positions her as a specialist in achieving marketing growth.

With over 16 years in marketing, strategy, and growth, Rachael Hedges is a seasoned professional. Boasting over 7 years of entrepreneurial experience and a background in business, she’s a pioneer in the digital age. 

Rachael owns two marketing agencies, RMH Consulting. With an entity in Australia, and one in New Zealand, plus a strong footprint in Singapore, USA, and Canada, the team is well positioned to help businesses both working locally, and globally. RMH Consulting’s commitment lies in amplifying companies through marketing to ensure they thrive in the dynamic business landscape.  

If your business could use another revenue arm, while your team remains focused, you’re in the right place.
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Cat Spalding

Marketing and Communications Manager
Delight to work with such a knowledgeable, experienced, fun team. Rach really knows how to get things done.

Alex Turner

Chief Technology Officer
RMH Consulting gets tech. They understand the needs of highly dynamic and growing businesses, not only from a commercial perspective but exactly where they sit in the markert. RMH has made worrying about our market presence, both traditional and social not an issue so we can focus on our customers and technology

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