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At RMH Consulting we build businesses through meaningful marketing and business coaching. We do this by delivering cultural, consumer and data-driven insights—whether for new or improved business models, innovative experiences or new products and services.

RMH Consulting was born out of a passion for helping business leaders achieve their business and marketing goals. We met some fantastic people who had amazing attitudes and wanted to make a difference in their industry but needed a bit of guidance and time back in their day to get there. Could we help them? Absolutely.

We love working with passionate people who are keen to make a difference in their business.

Relationships + People

People do business with people. And our people rock! They aren’t just good at what they do, they are genuine and kind. They type of people you’d happily invite out for a bevvie on a Friday, and the same goes for our clients and contractors.


We work with people and companies who make an impact in their field. Our marketing creates a ripple effect for your business to amplify your impact.


We are on your team, we want you to grow and succeed. Data-driven results matter to us, and increasing ROI for our clients.


From the language we use to our processes, it is important to us to make our client’s lives (and ours) easy.


Being marketers, we are huge fans of communication! You deal with one person (a real one! That you can call as you need!), speaking in plain and direct language, with integrity. We value transparency and openness.


We encourage our team to work from home, travel the world, work independently, and have freedom of thought to curate grand ideas.


We love to curate. Experiences, spaces, events, photoshoots, you name it – we love everything to be well-executed, memorable, and thoughtful.


We take the time to create quality output in everything we do, with high attention to detail.

Community Engagement

RMH Consulting is dedicated to supporting the communities in which we interact through partnerships, donations and charity events.

  • Guide Dog Donations
  • The Mission NZ – Donations for Easter
  • Providing support to clients fundraising activities
  • Partner to Coffee Brigade – provide in-kind time, reduced marketing project fees and cash donations


Tessa Young Property Brokers

Tessa Young

Property Brokers Feilding
“I just had a GREAT 1-on-1 with Rachael. Rachael helped with what we could do to bring our marketing up to speed and teaching us some great tips and tricks. Full of knowledge and advice to point us in the right direction. If you're thinking of booking a 1-on-1 or using RMH Consulting’s services, I highly recommend. Thank you for your friendly, professional expertise.”
Uta Alexander Property Brokers

Uta Alexander

Property Brokers New Plymouth
“Rachael and the team at RMH have been fantastic in helping level up my marketing by providing in-depth practical advice and pointing me in the right direction with my business. Would highly recommend working with them to take your business to the next level!”
Grant Hadfield Property Brokers

Grant Hadfield

Property Brokers Greenmeadows
“I’ve learned types of content to post on LinkedIn, ensuring it’s interesting and relatable to the audience, resulting in 21 new page views! I have made some good improvements to how I use my business Facebook page and am posting more videos and fun content getting increased likes and comments. If an old guy like me can learn the importance of hashtags, so can you.”
Nina Treder Property Brokers

Nina Johnston-Treder

Property Brokers Palmerston North
“What I have learnt is the importance of a Google My Business profile, using different content across different platforms, and using likes to my advantage.”

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