Rachael Hedges International Keynote Speaker

International Keynote Speaker

RMH Consulting Founder Rachael Hedges is a regular on the speaking circuit, sharing meaningful knowledge on a range of topics. With an international keynote to an audience of 6,000 in Las Vegas as a highlight and some exciting presentations in the works!

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Recent speaking engagements:

  • Fine Food New Zealand Trade Event 2023 | How to build and manage your business’s online reputation and digital footprint
  • Foodpro 2023 | Exploring the Need for Food Marketing to Go Beyond Packaging
  • Hospo Hui 2023 | She’ll be right, until it’s not – How can you plan for the unknown?
  • Hospo Hui 2023 | From Jellyfish to Seaweed – Are we seeing the end of Veganism and the rise of sustainable eating
  • Find Food NZ 2023 | Navigating the digital landscape: How to build and manage your brand’s online reputation
  • The Belle Evolution 2023 | Epic Stories of Business Growth
  • ASE IT Webinar 2022 | 5 tips to improve your cyber security
  • ASE IT Webinar 2021 | Products from Ideation to Creation
  • Mastercraft Licensee Communications Day | Marketing
  • NetApp Insight 2018 | Keynote Presentation. Watch HERE at 58 minutes
  • NetApp Insight 2018 | Data Visionary Session – Consultel Cloud and HCI | Spotlight Theater
    – Consultel Cloud case studies | Customer panel session.
  • Fine Food Australia | How to Embrace Competition
  • Fine Food Australia | Social Media – Do you believe the hype?
  • Holy Shiitake | Understand your story and presentation tips workshop
  • ASCA Symposium | Be your best self: social media marketing.
  • Future Food Bootcamp 2018 | How to stay ahead in digital

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