Presenting The Plan | The Execution | The Hacks at PowerUp Conference 2020

At the beginning of November in Auckland, the 7th annual PowerUp event was held. This intensive two-day business planning and strategy workshop was designed by Salon Business Coach, Malcolm Gibbons, to help salon owners and their team design a strong business plan for 2021.

RMH Consulting’s, Rachael Hedges was invited to present at the event for 90 minutes to educate salon business owners on the importance of digital marketing within their business.

This event was also a monumental moment for our team as we officially launched our new business, The Marketing Emporium, which aims to assist small businesses in running their own social media.

What Rachael covered in the presentation in a nutshell:

Digital Marketing: The Plan | The Execution | The Hacks

  • Critical in any salon marketing and business strategy for growth and retention, firmly sits digital marketing. 
  • Social media and why you need it
  • Subliminal marketing and the hidden effects on your business 
  • Why there’s no point marketing without a strategy  
  • What does working with a professional for digital look like?

We asked the audience to name the common challenges they have faced with their digital marketing. Here’s what they said:

  • What apps can you use for social media images?
  • How do you get information on social media channel updates?
  • How often should you post?
  • How do you create a Facebook ad?
  • How do you measure data?
  • How do you understand algorithms?

This allowed us to understand what their primary concerns and issues were, so we could explain how to overcome these challenges. We were also intrigued as this allows us to address these questions directly from The Marketing Emporium, salon edition as well.

Salon owners and their team members had an opportunity to work alongside RMH Consulting, designing their own ‘light marketing campaign plan’ while Rachael and Imogen answered questions around the room. The aim of this was to demonstrate the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing campaign, and the importance of why there can’t be one without the other.

This interactive activity created lots of engagement within the group as valid questions and concerns were raised and provided Salon owners an opportunity to find more clarity in regards to the digital marketing realm.

The conference was a fantastic opportunity to launch and showcase what The Marketing Emporium has to offer to small businesses such as these Salon owners, especially with a Salon Edition, specifically designed for hairdressers and beauty therapists.

The Marketing Emporium aims to provide small to medium-sized businesses with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to run their social media successfully. The platform shares monthly guides so businesses can efficiently, effectively & easily run their social media. You can check it out and sign up HERE.

We’d like to thank Malcolm Gibbons for the opportunity to speak at this event to teach the complexities of digital marketing and its role within business today.