Logo Development


PCMD Software Solutions changed its name to Costify and was seeking a logo and brand to match.

As a company, they had wanted to transform how the construction industry operated. By having a good grasp of numbers, ensuring financial accuracy, and holding both projects and project managers responsible, they aimed to prevent issues like project overruns, exceeding budgets, and lack of awareness about project financial viability. This approach could help construction businesses avoid failure.

Keeping these goals in mind, Costify sought a new logo that embodied the values of reliability, accuracy, innovativeness, professionalism, and simplicity with a little touch of playfulness. The logo had to sit well with their target audience, and the verticals in which they operated.


To meet the needs of the client, the key components of the approach were:

Font Exploration: RMH Consulting explored fonts and reviewed typefaces to narrow down the options to fit Costify’s brief. The font needed to be simple enough to work across digital assets, social pages, responsive, and most importantly, icon-focused, making it usable in isolation if needed.

Colour Exploration: We explored colour palettes that suited the client’s colour preference, green. Blue was also considered the go-to colour for finance brands. Often thought to signify trustworthiness, blue featured in 56% of brand logos, with 35% using it as their main colour. Blue was also incorporated into the colour palette to fit the company’s industry. Hence, a colour palette of blue and green was developed. 

Icon Exploration: The client had sought a strong icon that could be stacked. To meet this need, RMH Consulting explored the letter C and incorporated construction with lines and graphical elements to symbolize finance. Different lockups for the icons were also considered.


The successful creation and launch of a new logo for PCMD Software Solutions, now Costify, marked a significant achievement in their journey.

With careful planning and creative expertise, RMH Consulting developed a logo that embodied modernity, reliability, and proficiency in construction finance management. The sleek and professional design reflected their dedication to offering advanced solutions and exceptional service to their clients.

As the logo was introduced and integrated into their brand identity, it signified a new era of growth, trust, and recognition in the competitive landscape of construction finance software providers.


tiffany english

Tiffany English

RMH Consulting's expertise proved indispensable in Costify's rebranding, guiding us from initial consultations to the final unveiling of our new logo. Their meticulous approach, with a deep understanding of our company culture and market positioning, resulted in a brand identity that not only accurately reflects our company, but also resonates with our target audience. From strategic advisory for renaming to the development of a visually captivating logo, RMH Consulting demonstrated creativity, professionalism, and commitment to our success. The cohesive branding they delivered has repositioned us within the market and elevated our presence, positioning Costify as a leader in our industry.