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Corporate Brochure


Global Food Partners had internally developed a corporate brochure from existing materials to present to potential clients, however they needed assistance in developing clear messaging, and communicating their complex offering in a simple and digestible format. The copy didn’t well convey the potential opportunity to clients and wasn’t up to standard graphically.  

Global Food Partners (GFP) required a well-structured brochure that not only presented sustainability opportunities for potential clients but also emphasised the direct benefits to their stakeholders. The content needed to be extracted from various existing documents, requiring careful organisation and clear, impactful messaging. Additionally, the brochure required visually appealing graphics to effectively communicate the information. 


We began by compiling and analysing content from various existing documents. The content was then organised into a logical sequence, ensuring a coherent and engaging flow with the focus on enabling the document to communicate its key messages without being hindered by acronyms and jargon. 

Next, we focused on highlighting the client benefits. We held workshops GFP executives and stakeholders to extract critical information to clearly communicate their offering. We moved the copy to lead with benefits to capture attention and emphasised the client’s sustainability goals, risk mitigation, and positive PR opportunities.  

We developed infographics and illustrations to clearly articulate alongside the new copy, ensuring a polished and professional document that the client could be proud of. 


  • Enhanced Clarity and Engagement: Transformed complex information with acronyms and jargon into a coherent and engaging format. 
  • Improved Client Messaging: Developed clear, value-led messaging that highlighted the benefits to potential clients. 
  • Stakeholder Workshops: Conducted workshops with GFP executives to extract critical information and align on messaging. 
  • Visual Appeal: Created infographics and illustrations to support the new copy, ensuring a polished and professional brochure. 
  • Focused on Benefits: Emphasised sustainability goals, risk mitigation, and positive PR opportunities to capture client attention. 
  • Professional Quality: Delivered a final corporate brochure that effectively communicated GFP’s offerings and met high graphical standards. 


Elissa Lane

Elissa Lane

CEO | Global Food Partners
My company in Singapore had a great experience with RMH Consulting. Rachael and Dan were great to work with - very reliable, sharp, and friendly. They helped us to greatly improve our messaging and be more effective with our communications. I'd recommend RMH Consulting.