New Zealand Government, Ministry Business, Innovation and Employment


Marketing Strategy workshops and documentation for over 60 Kiwi Businesses


When covid hit, small businesses around New Zealand struggled to survive. The New Zealand Government jumped into action, with the Regional Business Partners Initiative, to help small Kiwi businesses to not only survive covid, but to thrive once more.


Businesses across the nation needed to pivot, to reposition, and to respond quickly to a changing landscape. RMH Consulting was bought in as a partner to deliver marketing strategy workshops across the country, both online and in person to ensure the businesses could stay strong.

Each workshop would kick off with a half day strategy, and then RMH Consulting would develop an action plan and marketing strategy for the business to implement as soon as possible to ensure their survival. We worked with many different industries, from financial planners to hairdressers, dog kennels to cinemas, hospitality to e-commerce.


As a result of the workshops, businesses had an action plan and strategy that they could go away and implement to ensure their business survived and thrived in Covid.

Clients reported that they would come away with peace of mind, and feeling like they could sleep at night again, knowing that they had a path forward.

Due to the excellent results and feedback from these sessions, we are proud to report we remain a Regional Business Partner today, and continue to help clients across New Zealand through the program.