New Zealand Government, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), New Zealand, and Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA).


Marketing & Social Media Training. Facilitating the new training programme, Digital Boost, for 300 small business owners across New Zealand.


Our challenge was to facilitate Digital Boost, a new NZ Government-funded programme focused on prompting and educating small business owners and their teams to make greater use of digital tools such as social media, electronic newsletters, and Google, and to adopt new digital ways of working and conducting their business.

Self-employed/small business owners are time poor and require more skills and confidence to access the benefits of the digital world. They wanted to make sure they were investing in the right tools and technology and to see what other business owners in their own industry are doing.
Digital Boost provided a platform with hundreds of videos available, and we partnered with NZ leading property agency to develop a program with their marketing head office, that would suit their property agents, and other Kiwi small business owners.

To successfully complete the course, business owners were required to watch 40+ videos on the platform, and attend regular facilitation sessions.


  • Facilitate fortnightly workshops across 6 months
  • Provide 1:1 training sessions to business owners
  • Group communications (Facebook groups and EDM) and accountability reminders
  • Reporting progress back to CEDA


In late 2022 RMH Consulting were presented with the opportunity by Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA) on behalf of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to facilitate a new skills training and support initiative created by the New Zealand government, focused on building digital confidence among small business owners.

Not one to turn down a challenge, we set to work to find the perfect business to team up with to trial this new training programme and after a conversation and consultation with the Property Brokers national Marketing Team, they were onboard. Property Brokers has over 400 real estate sales consultants across provincial New Zealand, all running their own small businesses either on their own or with a small team of sales assistants/personal assistants or administrators working being the scenes to market their services, their personal brand, and their listings for sale on behalf of their vendors.

The first step was to reach out to the sales team at Property Brokers and sign interested parties up. The RMH Consulting team got busy splitting the team into manageable groups, and setting up Facebook groups, regular email comms, fortnightly workshops and a 1:1 session with each participant.


The programme was an enormous success with the majority of the class completing watching their 40 videos and becoming Digital Boost certified! Not to mention, applying their newfound skills to their businesses and growing their online presence, generating more leads and enquiry, and becoming more confident about using different online platforms and channels to market their services and brand.