Ant & Ola Café


Toasted Cafe in Brisbane was sold to its new owners who wanted to refresh the new design, branding, environment and culinary approach - they reached out to RMH consulting and the project began!


As with all new entrants to the F&B (Food and beverage) space, it is important to have everything in line in regards to their digital presence. As consumers have multiple access points when finding a business from social media, to search and even the businesses own website, it is important to have a consistent tone and visual identity across these touch points.


  • Strategy workshop
  • Photoshoot
  • Implementation of brand refresh and new visual identity across digital channels
  • Social media content direction & guidance


Ant and Ola had recently rebranded so were able to provide all digital assets to us.

From here, we implemented their new branding throughout all of the relevant digital channels, ensuring that their brand design and tone of voice shone through across all spaces in their clients digital journey when searching / coming across Ant & Ola.

  • Completed photoshoot to provide content that represented their rebrand, and to clearly show the new environment and atmosphere of the updated cafe as well as the delicious new menu.
  • Implemented the new branding in addition to the updated content across a range of digital channels including social and search.
  • Social media direction and guidance to further drive the visual identity and showcase the new look & feel.


Ant & Ola have successfully rebranded their cafe and this rebrand as well as content that represents their new atmosphere, food and overall visual identity is now disseminated throughout all of their digital channels.

This is essential as now no matter what part of the customer journey is in, whether they arrive on the website, on social media or simply through searching online – they will come across the visual identity and tone that Ant & Ola want to project, which will help them to secure customers and overall provide a balanced digital presence where they are represented how they want to be.