Gillard Honey


Lifestyle Product Photography and Styling


Gillard Honey lacked quality photography to showcase their brand and communicate their brand story in a professional manner to their audience. They required a complete refresh of their current imagery for them to position themselves in line with their strategy and to communicate their visual and brand story to their target audience.

We worked on a tight timeframe to execute the shoot in order to meet the website overhaul deliverables and planned social media activities.


  • Concept and vision development
  • Production Management (shoot scheduling, location, props and model management)
  • Creative direction and Styling
  • Photography production and Final Art


Through the strategy workshops, RMH Consulting identified the need for a brand update as Gillard Honey’s current efforts were falling flat in customer acquisition, retention and stakeholder communication. One of the most critical updates to be made in this process was the visual brand story and being able to tell a concise brand message to all the stakeholders – from exporters, distributors, partners and consumers.

The photography was the foundation for the overall marketing strategy and brand re-fresh, which we fully supported and executed in conjunction with a secondary drone photography project. Our focus was to develop visual messaging that connected the product to the consumer and the business to the stakeholders.

In order to keep the content fresh, we organized a stylised set of lifestyle and product shots which included product styling, flat-lays with unique uses for honey and family-centered photos.


We provided Gillard Honey with a complete set of lifestyle and product photography that reflects their brand vision and proposition. The essence of the shoot captures the family’s fun and humble nature and their passion for providing excellent products to the homes of their customers, every time.

This set of photography enables Gillard Honey to have consistent imagery that can be utilised on social media, their website, partner packs and any future digital or print marketing.

The photography investment will pay dividends by being able to represent Gillard Honey visually across all the social channels. In turn, this will help the brand communicate its brand story, from a heart-centered place and provide a connection with all relevant stakeholders.