ASE - Ask, Solve, Evolve




ASE, previously known as ASE IT, recognised the need for a refreshed brand identity to align with its future vision and market positioning as a leading technology solutions and MSP provider through a marketing strategy session with RMH Consulting. The existing logo, an acronym for the owner’s initials, appeared outdated and reminiscent of an old, well-known tech company. ASE needed a new logo and branding that conveyed their modern, innovative approach and would attract key new clients.


To address this challenge, ASE engaged RMH Consulting for a comprehensive rebranding process. Key activities included:

  • Brand Analysis: RMH Consulting conducted an in-depth analysis of ASE’s current brand, market positioning, and competitive landscape.
  • Acronym Redefinition: The team developed a new acronym for ASE – Ask Solve Evolve – reflecting the company’s client engagement and problem-solving process.
  • Logo Redesign: RMH Consulting designed a fresh, modern logo that encapsulates the new acronym and represents ASE’s commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: ASE involved key stakeholders, including clients and business partners, in the rebranding process to ensure the new identity resonated with their expectations and perceptions.
  • Market Launch: The new brand identity was strategically launched in the marketplace through targeted marketing campaigns and communications to maximise visibility and impact.


The rebranding initiative was a significant success, yielding positive outcomes: 

  • Enhanced Market Perception: The new logo and brand identity positioned ASE as a contemporary, forward-thinking technology solutions provider. 
  • Increased Stakeholder Engagement: Clients and business partners responded positively to the rebrand, validating the new identity and its alignment with ASE’s core values and market positioning.
  • Improved Brand Recognition: The meaningful and impactful rebranding helped ASE stand out in the competitive technology solutions and MSP market, attracting new clients and strengthening existing relationships. 

How the Rebrand Aligns with Marketing Objectives: 

  • Global Positioning: Moving away from ‘IT’ in the name, to a broader focus on technology aligns ASE with global market trends and client expectations. 
  • Cultural Emphasis: The new branding leads with who ASE is and their culture, enhancing their market identity. 
  • Clear Communication: The new logo and brand ensure simple, clean, and clear communication of ASE’s services and values. 
  • Sales Support: The modern branding assists the sales team in converting leads and attracting new clients. 
  • Consistent Messaging: The rebranding ensures continuity in messaging and brand identity across all communication channels. 
  • Optimised Partner Marketing: The new identity facilitates better alignment and communication with partners. 
  • Service Clarity: The rebrand makes ASE’s services easy to understand for clients and partners. 

Updated Rebrand Messaging: 

ASE’s updated rebrand and messaging underscores their mission to create a world where clients’ business solutions are underpinned by technological mastery. The redefined process, encapsulated in the new acronym Ask Solve Evolve, is communicated as follows: 

  • Ask: We seek to listen and understand our clients’ challenges and vision. Sometimes, the challenge isn’t always what was originally suspected. 
  • Solve: We solve business challenges with technological solutions, ensuring our clients’ digital performance is more efficient, delivers greater value, and is agile to meet any need today or in the future. 
  • Evolve: We uncover new thinking to ensure we’re not only meeting our clients’ challenges of today but also leading tomorrow’s discussion. 

The collaborative efforts between ASE and RMH Consulting have ensured that ASE’s brand now accurately reflects its innovative approach and future aspirations, solidifying its position as a go-to provider in the industry. 

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ASE-Case Study