Virtual Chief Marketing Officer


ASE empowers global businesses to oversee their digital ecosystem with impactful and tailored cloud solutions.

Although the team had established a strong presence in B2B verticals, especially in Sydney, they aspired to expand into comparable sectors, and further geographies.

The sales team, grappling with time constraints, struggled to break free from their daily tasks. Despite ASE’s wealth of experience, credibility, and successful projects, they faced challenges in effectively communicating this externally due to a lack of marketing materials and cohesive messaging.

Additionally, ASE encountered resource constraints hindering their ability to adequately support essential marketing functions.

Without a defined marketing strategy, ASE found themselves lacking direction. This, combined with outdated branding, resulted in a suboptimal market positioning that failed to align with the caliber of clients they aimed to attract.


  • Formulated and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy
  • Developed and executed a successful sales strategy
  • Successfully executed a full company-wide rebrand
  • Revitalised the website with updated copywriting and graphics
  • Established and cultivated the growth of the LinkedIn page
  • Generated, created, and developed content for sales collateral, blogs, enews, and external communications
  • Effectively managed internal communications, contributing to a positive company culture
  • Executed social media management strategies
  • Implemented PR and media management initiatives
  • Successfully managed partnerships, including Go-To-Market (G2M) and Market Development Fund (MDF) funding
  • Made strategic decisions to enhance overall business positioning
  • Identified opportunities for event attendance, leveraging them within the overall marketing plans


Market Recognition: The comprehensive marketing strategy and full company-wide rebrand significantly enhanced market recognition, leading to increased visibility and brand awareness.

Web Presence: The revamped website, coupled with updated copywriting and graphics, resulted in a more engaging and user-friendly online presence, attracting and retaining a larger audience.

LinkedIn Growth: The creation of a LinkedIn page and feed design led to the acquisition of over 600+ followers, establishing a robust professional network and increasing the company’s influence in the industry.

Content Impact: The consistent ideation, creation, and development of content across various channels positively impacted sales collateral, blogs, enews, and external communications, contributing to a more compelling and effective messaging strategy.

Internal Engagement: Improved internal communications positively influenced company culture, fostering greater engagement and cohesion among team members.

Social Media Reach: Effective social media management strategies resulted in increased reach and engagement, connecting the company with a broader audience and strengthening its online community.

Media Presence: PR and media management initiatives contributed to a heightened media presence, establishing the company as an authoritative voice within its industry.

Strategic Partnerships: Successful management of partnerships, including Go-To-Market (G2M) and Market Development Fund (MDF) funding, facilitated collaborative initiatives and strengthened the company’s position in the market.

Strategic Decision Impact: Strategic decisions made over the two-year period positively impacted the company’s overall positioning, ensuring alignment with evolving market trends and demands.

Sales Growth: The development and execution of a successful sales strategy resulted in measurable sales growth and increased market share.

Event Opportunities: Identification and leveraging of event opportunities contributed to the diversification of marketing channels, enhancing the company’s exposure and fostering valuable connections within the industry.

Financial Support: Secured 15 to 20 grand of funding each year, providing crucial financial support for the implementation of key marketing initiatives.

Internal Collaboration: Successful collaboration within internal teams streamlined operations and facilitated the seamless execution of marketing strategies, ensuring a unified and cohesive approach.

Overall, these results demonstrate a holistic and impactful approach to marketing and business development, positioning the company for sustained growth and success over the two-year period.

During this period, Rachael was also nominated by ASE key partner, NetApp, as a finalist for their Marketing Excellence Award in the ANZ Partner Awards.