Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (vCMO)


Fluid faced several challenges in launching, and consequently expanding their market presence:

Limited Marketing Expertise: As a technology-focused company, Fluid lacked an in-house marketing team with the required expertise.

Brand Visibility: Fluid had a unique product offering, but their brand visibility was non-existent, resulting in limited market awareness and reach.

Competitive Landscape: The technology infrastructure and management space is highly competitive, with established players dominating the market. Fluid needed a solid marketing strategy, and partnership model to stand out and capture market share.

Online Presence: Fluid’s online presence didn’t exist, which hindered their ability to engage with potential customers effectively through digital channels.


RMH Consulting devised a comprehensive marketing strategy to address Fluid’s challenges and set them up for a successful launch and enhanced market presence. The key components of the approach were as follows:

Market Research and Analysis: RMH conducted a thorough market analysis to identify target audience segments, understand customer pain points, and assess the competitive landscape. This insight guided the overall marketing strategy.

Launch Strategy: A detailed launch plan was developed, outlining the timeline, key milestones, and promotional activities. The strategy focused on creating excitement around the new product and generating interest from potential customers and partners in market.

Brand Development: RMH Consulting played the lead in managing the development of Fluid’s brand identity. This involved developing the logo concept, defining the brand’s unique value proposition, crafting a compelling brand message, and creating consistent branding across all marketing materials.

Website Development Project Management: RMH Consulting created Fluid’s website in the launch phase to ramp up its online presence. The goal was to create an informative, user-friendly, and visually appealing website that showcased the product’s unique features and benefits.

Social Media Management: RMH Consulting identified ideal social media channels, created the accounts, and developed and implemented a robust social media strategy to engage with the target audience on the most active platforms. Regular content updates, engaging posts, and interactive campaigns helped create a buzz around Fluid.

PR and Media Management: RMH handled media relations, press releases, and media outreach to secure coverage in relevant industry publications and tech media. This helped build credibility and increase brand visibility.

Management of Partnerships: RMH identified potential strategic partnerships and managed collaborative efforts with key industry influencers and complementary technology providers. These partnerships further amplified Fluid’s reach and potential sales.

Business Opportunity Identification: RMH continuously monitored market trends, customer feedback, and competitor activities to identify new business opportunities and potential areas for product improvement.

Sales Relationship Management: RMH collaborated with Fluid’s sales team to align marketing efforts with sales strategies, ensuring a cohesive approach to customer acquisition and retention. Our team also could sit in on pitches and develop client relationships where required.

Event Management: RMH organised and managed industry events, webinars, and virtual conferences to showcase Fluid’s expertise and thought leadership in the field.


RMH Consulting’s strategic approach and execution resulted in significant achievements for Fluid over the course of the 2+ years they partnered together:

RMH Consulting’s strategic approach and execution resulted in significant achievements for Fluid:

Successful Product Launch: Fluid received a highly positive response from the market. The carefully planned launch strategy, which included targeted email campaigns, partnerships, webinars, and promotional events, contributed to a successful introduction of the product to the market.

Enhanced Market Presence: Fluid’s brand visibility and recognition improved substantially, gaining prominence in their target market. Through a combination of content marketing, thought leadership articles, and active social media engagement, RMH Consulting helped position Fluid as a leading player in industry.

Increased Website Traffic and Engagement: The new website attracted more visitors, with improved user engagement and longer time spent on the site. RMH Consulting ensured the website was optimised for user experience and search engine visibility, leading to a boost in organic traffic.

Social Media Growth: Fluid’s social media channels experienced a surge in followers and engagement, establishing a dedicated online community. RMH Consulting’s social media management strategy included creative content, engaging visuals, and timely interactions with the audience, resulting in a growing and active social media following.

Media Coverage: Fluid secured coverage in prominent industry publications and tech media outlets, elevating their reputation within the industry. RMH Consulting’s PR and media management efforts effectively communicated Fluid’s key messages and achievements, resulting in feature articles, interviews, and appearances in relevant video conferences.

Successful Events and Project Launching: RMH Consulting flawlessly managed industry events and webinars to showcase Fluid’s expertise and product capabilities. The events were well-attended, fostering brand loyalty and attracting potential customers. Additionally, RMH Consulting coordinated the launch of new projects and initiatives, ensuring they received maximum exposure and engagement.

Appearance in NetApp Inisghts Conference: Fluid’s leadership had the opportunity to present their product and insights in a high-profile video presented at NetApp Insights Conference, thanks to RMH Consulting’s networking efforts and industry connections. This appearance further bolstered Fluid’s credibility and positioned them as industry experts, and a trusted partner for NetApp.

Marketing Campaigns Aligned with Business Goals: RMH Consulting executed marketing campaigns in line with opportunities for conversion and business goals. By closely aligning marketing efforts with the sales funnel and customer journey, our team ensured that campaigns were optimised for lead generation, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Successful Collaboration within Internal Teams: RMH Consulting seamlessly integrated with Fluid’s internal teams, fostering a collaborative environment. Effective communication and coordination between RMH Consulting and Fluid’s sales, product development, and leadership teams allowed for a cohesive marketing approach and better utilisation of resources.

RMH Consulting’s virtual Chief Marketing Officer service and retainer played a pivotal role in Fluid’s launch success, partnerships, and their improved market presence. By providing expert marketing guidance and execution across multiple channels, RMH enabled Fluid to establish a strong foothold in the competitive market and positioned them for continued growth and success. The successful events, appearances at key industry conferences, and collaborative efforts with internal teams further contributed to Fluid’s achievements, solidifying their position as a leader in the orchestration and management platform industry. With RMH Consulting’s support, Fluid successfully navigated the marketing landscape, achieving their business goals and setting the stage for a promising future.


Alex Turner

Chief Technology Officer
RMH Consulting gets tech. They understand the needs of highly dynamic and growing businesses, not only from a commercial perspective but exactly where they sit in the markert. RMH has made worrying about our market presence, both traditional and social not an issue so we can focus on our customers and technology