Cambridge Road Vineyard


Strategy Advisory & Digital Marketing


Cambridge Road encountered marketing challenges with a multitude of objectives on the agenda. From enhancing B2C sales through their website to expanding into global markets, increasing club memberships, improving profitability, and exploring cost-effective marketing endeavours, the goals were diverse.


In addressing these ambitions, we devised a comprehensive marketing strategy. This holistic approach involved aligning the online presence with the brand, fine-tuning social media strategies, maximising SEO effectiveness through Google My Business for local visitation, refining website functionality, and community management to grow social channels organically.

We crafted a comprehensive marketing bundle that included marketing strategy and advisory, as well as management of social media platforms.


The digital presence of Cambridge Road now matches its authentic personality, while communicating its values, uniqueness, and expertise.

Its online store has noted an increase in sales which can be partly attributed to the increase in marketing activity and awareness of its existence.

In addition, Cambridge Road’s social media channels saw significant growth and engagement from regular posting, community management and alignment with the brand.

Cambridge Road has also seen an increase in its Google My Business views, local visitation, and traffic to its website.

Cambridge Road Vineyard Case Study
Cambridge Road Vineyard Case Study by RMH
Cambridge Road Case Study by RMH Consulting