Total Construction


Strategic Marketing Alignment


Total Construction, with annual revenues exceeding $200 million and approximately 180 staff, operates across diverse sectors including aged care and health, food and beverage, renewable energies, commercial and industrial, airports and infrastructure, education and childcare, and fit-out (retail and clubs). The company sought guidance to enhance its in-house marketing strategy at a high-level.


RMH Consulting engaged closely with Total Construction’s in-house marketing team over several months to develop a robust high-level strategy. This involved regular meetings to mentor team members, providing activities and frameworks to refine and develop the strategy internally.  

Additionally, RMH Consulting provided feedback to optimise the strategy to its fullest potential.  

As part of the process, light website upgrades were implemented to modernise the site’s look and feel and improve user experience (UX).


RMH Consulting successfully guided Total Construction in crafting a comprehensive high-level marketing strategy aligned with its business objectives. This strategic alignment ensured that Total Construction’s marketing efforts are meaningful and directed towards achieving key business goals.  

The advisory process facilitated a clearer path forward for the company’s marketing initiatives, enhancing their effectiveness and impact in the market.