Hair and Barber New Zealand (H&BNZ)


Social Media Competition Campaign


With in-person competitions proving challenging to hold due to COVID in New Zealand, H&BNZ had the idea to host a series of monthly competitions on Instagram to engage their audience and spark creativity and excitement during a challenging time for the hairdressing and barbering industries.  

H&BNZ had the idea, a competition to be hosted on Instagram with the use of hashtags, and H&BNZ required assistance to execute the idea.  

This is where RMH Consulting came to the table, to create the strategy and plan for execution, develop the content, and then coordinate the competitions to ensure H&BNZ were successful in their campaign goals. 

A multi-channel approach required to drive participation and engagement from existing captured audiences.  


  • Campaign strategy and planning for the competition 
    • Strategy for execution 
    • Runsheet for execution
    • Responsibilities for content creation
    • Coordination of content required (some created by H&BNZ under direction, the rest created by RMH Consulting)
    • Content development
    • Further development of rules and upload to WordPress website 
  • Launch of competition on digital platforms
    • Preview leak that something exciting was coming on social and e-news
    • Drive Facebook traffic to H&BNZ Instagram account
    • Drive secondary platform (Barber Instagram) to H&BNZ Instagram account
    • Highlight reel creation, addition of stories covering foundation of all rules, requirements, and general competition details  
  • Competition coordination on digital platforms
    • Interact with entries during monthly scheduled community management
    • Stories and posts scheduled across the month with a multi-channel approach to encourage participation (both as an entrant and to review), and entries
    • Regular content in e-news to stay top of mind 


H&BNZ had over 200 entrants and an incredible increase in their statistics for the month! 

April Instagram statistics:  

  • Profile visits increased 293%  
  • Impressions increased 209% 
  • Page engagement increased 97.6% 
  • Reach increased 60% 


Bev Jarvis | Hair & Barber NZ

National Manager
Rachael and Holly did a wonderful job executing our Instagram competition idea, and we are really pleased with the increase in our monthly statistics and the number of entries we received. We thoroughly enjoy working with them both.