Mastercraft Kitchens


Social Media Marketing


Mastercraft Kitchens sought assistance to manage their social media accounts.

The team were looking for a clean and clear feel on their graphics, a variety of posts to showcase their capabilities and experience, and for an increase in engagement.

With their licensees in hot demand, the objective of this activity was to maintain engagement, rather than encourage a call to action.


We manage social media marketing for Mastercraft Kitchen. Each month we;

  • Meet to discuss the month ahead with the Mastercraft Kitchens Team. We discuss how business is tracking, opportunities in the marketplace, and review the monthly digital reports
  • Develop social media posts based on insights of the above and schedule for Facebook and Instagram
  • Provide weekly community management on custom hashtags and locations to grow their Instagram page organically
  • Create custom graphics for social media
  • Share a report on the activity for the month to find insights and develop the next month’s plan with data-based decisions.


  • Facebook page visits increased 18% in the last 6 months
  • Instagram followers increased by 21% in the last 6 months
  • Aesthetic increased on Instagram from new feed layout and graphic designs


Dave Wilson | Mastercraft Kitchens

National Operations Manager
It is really great having the RMH team working with us. A strong social presence is extremely important to our business and RMH Consulting makes executing our monthly social plan a breeze. We like a diverse mix of activity, but a consistent tone of voice, and we’re achieving that very well!