Midhurst Kennel & Cattery


Build and establish new clientele through growing Midhurst’s social media, with regular posting and creating targeted ads


Midhurst Kennels had not been active on social media in a very long time and had various challenges with their social media setup.
The client had also not marketed their business and brand digitally as they were anxious to use social media, not knowing how to use it correctly.


  • Marketing strategy workshop
  • Social media strategy development
  • Giveaway campaign to grow following
  • Social media posting and management
  • Facebook Ads


RMH Consulting assisted in simplifying the social media set up through a one on one workshop training to provide Midhurst Kennels with the tools and knowledge to enable them to run their own social media pages, along with adequate training to feel confident in using the platforms.

We then developed a six-week social media strategy to provide curated content and ads. The strategy also included a giveaway to replace aging clientele and bring in new customers.


We successfully trained Midhurst Kennel’s owners on how to generate content and manage their social media pages confidently and professionally.

We brought in new customers through the giveaway campaign and social engagement.

We created an interactive online social media presence. Results from August through to September 2020:

  1. Post engagement increased by 1340 %
  2. Page likes has grown by 340%
  3. Pages views increased by 413%
  4. Posts reach was up 5683%




"Working with RMH Consulting on our social media has definitely given us a bigger platform and more visibility to new customers, especially for the cattery. Our lovely customers really enjoy seeing pictures of their fur babies while they are away"