Riversands Wines


Wine Product Photography & Styling


Riversands Wines were launching their newest wine, Sparkling Sisters, and needed stunning photography to complement their launch campaign, and appeal to their consumer demographic.


  • Concept and vision development
  • Production Management (Shoot scheduling, location, props and model management)
  • Creative Direction and Styling
  • Photography production and Final Art



We wanted to ensure we worked closely we with the owners of Riversands Winery from the early stages of launch planning to develop their vision for Sparkling Sisters, into a creative concept and deliver exceptional product photography that reflected the brand identity and hero the new product.

With a timely trip to Bali planned, it created a great opportunity to work with some fresh local talent and create a truly unique shoot for Riversand Wines. We secured a photographer known for wine and product shoots, who had recently shot with a major wine house, and leveraging local contacts and knowledge, we scouted unique locations, sourced styling props and models to suit the vision.

The biggest challenge was ensuring the sole wine bottle didn’t break on the way over to Bali on the flight or through customs!