Marketing for Tech Companies

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Marketing for Tech Companies

Need help with your marketing efforts to bring in business? We’ve got you covered.

From marketing strategy to digital marketing, to social media, to web, product marketing, and PR, we have you covered with years of international global experience.

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RMH Consulting

At RMH Consulting we connect with people to align their marketing strategy with their business goals. We work with you to find the reason why you’re in business, why your clients would choose you and how to best model your business and marketing to suit.

We create interactive experiences, digital channels and content that tells compelling stories, builds your brand, creates loyalty, grows your business and ticks your goals.

We’ve worked with many IT and Tech Companies across APAC.

Marketing for Tech Companies

We provide a full marketing service for tech companies.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Websites
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • Events
  • Google ads
  • Facebook advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising

Case Studies

Consultel Group | Marketing Director for hire

Consultel Group required a marketing director to drive their activities, team, and marketing efforts to ultimately win and convert more clients.

Find out how we worked with Consultel Group on their marketing strategy and activities to build brand awareness.
Read the case study

Motii | Digital Marketing

Motii approached RMH Consulting to gain more leads to their website through digital marketing. Having acquired partner marketing funding, Motii required help on the best way to optimise ROI on their investment in marketing.

Find out how we worked with Motii to gain more leads to their website through digital marketing, resulting in Motii requiring more staff!
Read the case study

Consultel Cloud | Keynote and panel speaking

Rachael was invited to spend four days in Las Vegas by NetApp for their NetApp Insight Conference to represent MSP Consultel Cloud.
Rachael delivered a keynote to a 6,000 strong audience, and participated in panel presentations.

Read the case study


Alex Turner

Chief Technology Officer
RMH Consulting gets tech. They understand the needs of highly dynamic and growing businesses, not only from a commercial perspective but exactly where they sit in the markert. RMH has made worrying about our market presence, both traditional and social not an issue so we can focus on our customers and technology

Ben Fuller

“The biggest success that we’ve had is with our LinkedIn profile and the leads that have come through LinkedIn and the quality of those leads are a lot higher. Working with Holly and Rachael is absolutely fantastic, it’s a lot of fun, they make the meetings very enjoyable, and I can’t recommend them enough.”

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