Linkedin strategies for greater visibility.

Our top LinkedIn Strategies to help you engage and grow your audience.

LinkedIn recently sent out an email, ‘Small Steps Toward Greater Visibility,’ which outlined small steps to take to achieve greater reach and engagement on your personal LinkedIn profile, hence equalling greater visibility.

At RMH, we have been building strategies around the executive teams of our B2B clients, bolstering their LinkedIn posts, alongside the company’s posts for optimised results to great success. We can help you make a significant impact on your organisation’s visibility through posts that can engage your audience, boost your reach, and pave the way to reaching your goals.

LinkedIn Strategies - Consistency for Growth

Consistency is your best friend when it comes to increasing your visibility

The more you share and engage, the more people will naturally notice you. Members who post 1x a week see up to 4x more profile views. That means 4x more potential opportunities! You don’t need to share a big post every time, it’s more about sharing regularly.

Comment and react to posts to boost your reach

Once you’ve posted, don’t forget to respond to any comments you receive. Plus, commenting and reacting to other people’s posts is a great way to stay active in between your posting schedule. Consider sharing your expertise or insights related to the topic and making sure your comments add meaningful value. LinkedIn notes that members who comment 1x a week see up to 3x more profile views.

Commenting and reacting to post - one of the effective LinkedIn Strategies for growth
Following and sharing content - one of the effective LinkedIn Strategies for growth

Share content and trending news

In addition to posting and engaging with others, sharing trending news or content that interests you can spark more conversations to build your community. Members who post 2x per week see up to 5x more profile views. So, try participating in topical moments as part of your weekly posts to help get noticed by professionals beyond your immediate network, growing your audience and connecting you with new people who share similar interests.

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Contribute to collaborative articles

On average, members who contribute to collaborative articles 2x a week tend to see up to 4x more profile views. If you have access, try adding your perspective to personalised professional topics based on your experience. This will help you build your thought leadership and create networking opportunities by joining a community of highly skilled members.

Collaborative article writing as one of the effective LinkedIn Strategies

How can RMH Consulting help?  

Each client’s situation is unique. We host a free discovery session to discuss your goals and how we can amplify your impact. We then create strategies to align with your business goals and execute them through various methods and channels, using data to optimise.

Optimised Profile Creation: We will create a compelling and professional LinkedIn profile that showcases your brand’s unique value proposition. This way, you will be able to attract your target audience.

Content Strategy: Based on your branding message and values, our team will develop relevant and engaging posts that resonate with your audience, positioning you as a trusted authority in your industry.

Audience Engagement: We will help you build meaningful connections by engaging with your audience, starting thoughtful interactions, and fostering relationships that drive business growth.

Analytics and Reporting: Using our analytics tools and systems, we can provide valuable insights into your LinkedIn performance. This allows us to refine strategies and optimise results continuously.

Executive Team Workshops: We will host workshops with your team to educate how LinkedIn works, why it is important for reaching your company’s goals, and what they can do to help boost your investment.

Proven Results: Our track record speaks for itself. We have helped businesses thrive in managing their LinkedIn profiles and growing their audience. We have consistently delivered exceptional results that exceed our clients’ expectations. Just check out our case studies below! 

Invest in LinkedIn Strategies for Marketing Today to boost your visibility 

As one of the major social media platforms, LinkedIn offers one of the biggest digital opportunities for organic reach. And if you’re playing in the B2B space, it is full of your target audience. If you are now ready to tap into the platform’s wealth of opportunities, we are here to help you.

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